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The Textiles West Arts Incubator Program

This program is designed to allow artists space and materials to enable them to do their work and explore their artistic ideas without the expense of studio space and equipment. 

We recognize that building an art career means becoming an entrepreneur as well. We invite you to become involved with Textiles West, attend our committee meetings and learn how our organization plans for the future and manages day to day activities such as marketing, facilities management and outreach project management. Your participation is welcome in all areas of interest.

Just as each artist is unique, our program is flexible to meet our artisans needs. Depending on availability, we can offer single or multi-month experiences. 

Artists in the Incubator program are asked to give back to Textiles West in the form of documenting their journey and discoveries in a series of blog posts and help to maintain our spaces, interact with visitors and share the love of textiles.

Meet our Current Artist ~ Anabel Simotas

  • August 06, 2020 7:14 PM | Anabel Simotas (Administrator)
    In an ongoing effort to repurpose old linens, I am in the midst of finding new forms for old towels I have dyed and ripped to strips. I started weaving the towel strips into bath mats, and most recently I knit a sweater out of the strips, ripped to quarter inch strips and sewn together. The sweater is hardly wearable-- my guess is that the sweater is 3 whole cotton towels and it is heavy but I am hoping to knit coordinating shorts to create the perfect post-ocean dip outfit. 

    Knit Beach Sweater | Anabel Simotas | July 2020

    Bath Mat I | Anabel Simotas | March 2020

    Bath Mat 2 | Anabel Simotas | March 2020

  • July 28, 2020 2:52 PM | Anabel Simotas (Administrator)

    Hello fiber aficionados and friends! I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing fiber arts community and am looking forward to sharing my practice with you, as you have shared your space with me. I just quit my 9-5 so that I can engage with my materials, the wonderful space at TWIL, and with you all more for the rest of the summer. My objective for my time with you at TWIL is to transform the materials from my senior thesis show at Colorado College (See Blog Post "Introducing Incubating Artist Anabel Simotas"). I spent the months before my show painstakingly dying and ripping donated and discarded sheets, towels and fabrics and am now weaving and knitting the materials into useful objects once more. A few weeks ago I brought my balls of fabric strips into TWIL to take inventory. 

    My blue Subaru packed with balls of fabric strips (the back seats are down too :))... 

    All the fibers arranged by color in order to organize by color 

    The balls of fabrics organized into crates, waiting to take on new fibrous lives! 

  • July 28, 2020 1:59 PM | Anabel Simotas (Administrator)

    Meet Incubating Artist Anabel Simotas 


    Anabel recently finished her BA at Colorado College, majoring in Studio Art with a focus on fiber arts. Anabel's work experiments with playful, recycled, and discarded fibers within the boundaries of traditional fiber crafts. Here at TWIL, her artistic practice is growing out of and responding to her final thesis show at Colorado College. The show, Room Weaving II, filled a gallery space with colorful sculptural weavings made out of donated, dyed, and ripped fabrics. A novice seamstress, Anabel has always been attracted to the practical ambitions of fiber arts and is spending her summer creating utilitarian objects using the materials from her show in our studio. 

    Room Weaving II

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