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Meet Incubating Artist Anabel Simotas

July 28, 2020 1:59 PM | Anabel Simotas (Administrator)

Meet Incubating Artist Anabel Simotas 


Anabel recently finished her BA at Colorado College, majoring in Studio Art with a focus on fiber arts. Anabel's work experiments with playful, recycled, and discarded fibers within the boundaries of traditional fiber crafts. Here at TWIL, her artistic practice is growing out of and responding to her final thesis show at Colorado College. The show, Room Weaving II, filled a gallery space with colorful sculptural weavings made out of donated, dyed, and ripped fabrics. A novice seamstress, Anabel has always been attracted to the practical ambitions of fiber arts and is spending her summer creating utilitarian objects using the materials from her show in our studio. 

Room Weaving II

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