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Material Inventory

July 28, 2020 2:52 PM | Anabel Simotas (Administrator)

Hello fiber aficionados and friends! I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing fiber arts community and am looking forward to sharing my practice with you, as you have shared your space with me. I just quit my 9-5 so that I can engage with my materials, the wonderful space at TWIL, and with you all more for the rest of the summer. My objective for my time with you at TWIL is to transform the materials from my senior thesis show at Colorado College (See Blog Post "Introducing Incubating Artist Anabel Simotas"). I spent the months before my show painstakingly dying and ripping donated and discarded sheets, towels and fabrics and am now weaving and knitting the materials into useful objects once more. A few weeks ago I brought my balls of fabric strips into TWIL to take inventory. 

My blue Subaru packed with balls of fabric strips (the back seats are down too :))... 

All the fibers arranged by color in order to organize by color 

The balls of fabrics organized into crates, waiting to take on new fibrous lives! 

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