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 The Felted Rock River Project

At Textiles West we build community with fun creative textile based projects!

Each year we host a Stitching Community Together project because we believe that a community that creates together is

stronger, more vibrant, more tolerant and just plain happier!


The very first fabrics were created by felting animal fibers together. It is a simple process of combining animal fibers, moisture and agitation. We love the amazing things that can be created through the felt process. 

Using the felting process you could create a garment, slippers, rugs or a yurt! 

So, What the heck is a felted rock river and why this project?

In the Pikes Peak region our community is deeply connected with our environment. We love to be out in nature and to be surrounded by it. We often bring home bits of nature that inspire us or that we simply connect with on some level. Often, we bring home rocks from our forays.

We have a love affair with stones, rocks and boulders. What child doesn’t love to pick them up to hold or pitch to hear them clatter? Even as we grow up, we collect them, we climb them, we sculpt our home landscapes with them.  Maybe it is a connection to our ancient world, their simple beauty or a reminder of an experience, a place and time.

Just as we love stones in the Pikes Peak Region, we have a sensitivity to the issues of water, sustainability, diversity and inclusion. Our vision is to create river of felted stones made by the community.

Textiles West will host free events throughout the region. Attendees can bring a stone or use one we provide. Everyone will be encouraged to write a wish or hope for the community on the stone before they cover it with wool fibers and learn the ancient art of wet felting.  As the felted stone river grows with each unique addition it will become a visual representation of the diversity in our community, a reminder that together we make a difference.

We choose this technique because it is accessible to a wide range of ages and abilities and it doesn't need a lot of supplies. 

  • You will need a small rock ~ less than 4" in any direction.
  • You will need wool fiber, dish soap, water and hands. 

What? you don't happen to have wool fiber handy? 

We can help with that....we have a lot!

Because we are currently still affected by COVID-19 we have set up a system for you to RSVP to participate in the project. After you register we will contact you with the dates and times you may pick up fibers at our North Academy location (meeting all social distance requirements)  and how many people you need fiber for.  Look for felted rock events later this summer where you can participate. 

There is no fee to participate in this project (no fee for the wool either) but donations in any amount are always appreciated. 

We made you a video so you could see the process in action!

That was fun! What else can we felt?

 You can use the exact same process to felt soap. Felt up some special handmade soap from your local soap maker and you have a wonderful eco-friendly gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, friend-days and holiday hostess gifts.

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