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Film Series: Blue Alchemy Stories of Indigo

  • January 16, 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • 6545 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs


Registration is closed

Blue Alchemy

Join us for the second installment in our free film festival series, Blue Alchemy: Stories of Indigo, a 2011 feature-length historical documentary by Mary Lance. Yes, once again we are singing the blues, but this is a different shade than November’s film, River Blue. In contrast, Blue Alchemy is a celebration of indigo, the iconic blue dye plant that people have been using for centuries.

Please register for this free event to reserve your spot, as seating may be limited.

Suggested donation $10

An open table discussion will follow the film. Popcorn will be served. :)

From the film website:

BLUE ALCHEMY: STORIES OF INDIGO is an independent, feature-length documentary about the history, culture, and revival of the blue dye. It’s also about remarkable people around the globe who are using indigo in projects intended to improve life in their communities, preserve cultural integrity, and bring beauty to the world.


Indigo is a blue dye that has been in use worldwide for millennia, a vibrant color laden with symbolic meaning, a commodity that was once central to international trade and colonial economies, and the reason that blue jeans are blue. Indigo dye comes from plants. It produces a color so desirable that it was once one of the most important products in the global economy.

In BLUE ALCHEMY, we see some of this rich history but we focus on the uses of indigo today, both  people who are maintaining centuries-old indigo-dyeing traditions and groups that are reviving it for sustainable and community development.”

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